Established in 1995, Koko’s continues to develop and sell exciting novelty candy. To heighten eating experience, we offer innovative designs and flavors from trusted brands like ICEE and SLUSH PUPPiE®.


Our product line includes candy jewelry, sprays, squeezes, popping candy, lollipops and gum. Our items feature bright, colorful displays, providing additional value.


Koko’s also has original brands such as Dip-N-Lik® and Twist-N-Lik™ and a constant flow of imaginative eye-catching candies – all packaged and designed with fun in mind.


We continually develop our product line and expand our partnerships to reach new markets, including eight countries and counting. Our products are found in every retail environment from grocery stores to C-stores, family entertainment to “big box” stores.


Koko’s combines great taste, play value and quality to every product so that kids of all ages can enjoy our Candy That Tastes Like Fun.