ICEE Spray Candy

ICEE Spray Candy is based on the famous ICEE beverage found in movie theatres, shopping malls, and most retail outlets. ICEE Spray Candy comes in two classic flavors: Cherry & Blue Raspberry.

Unit Net: 0.85 fl oz (25 mL)
Case Gross: 11.25 lbs
12 units per display box
8 display boxes per case
Display Box: 4.92″ L x 6.42″ W x 4.17″ H
Master Case: 13.07″ L x 10.55″ W x 8.66″ H
UPC Codes
Unit UPC: 6-32365-12214-3
Display UPC: 6-32365-12215-0
Case UPC: 1-06-32365-12214-0

Nutrition Sheet – 12214 (PDF)