Puppypalz Dip-N-Lik

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PuppyPalz are back and ready to take a dip right into some delicious candy powder. Rather than rolling around your carpet, they rather roll around your tongue and spread the sweet flavor. Each puppy is a lollipop ready to be devoured!

Unit Net:1.4 oz
Case Gross:15 lbs
8units per display box
12display boxes per case
Unit:1.55″ L x 1.55″ W x 4.38″ H
Display:5.5″ L x 7.38″ W x 4.63″ H
Case:15.38″ L x 12″ W x 10.25″ H
UPC Codes
Unit UPC:6-32365-62737-2
Display UPC:6-32365-62736-5
Case UPC:1-06-32365-62737-9

Nutrition Sheet – 62737 (PDF)