Xtreem Lock Jaw Dips Sour Powder/Sticks

Xtreme Lock Jaw Sour 3pk Dips Candy each contain three flavors of candy powder, Pink Lemonade, Green Apple and Orange and two candy sticks to Dip-N-Lik!

Unit Net:1.4 oz
Case Gross:24.3 lbs
12units per display box
18display boxes per case
Unit:9.25″ L x 0.25″ W x 4.13″ H
Display:6.3″ L x 9.45″ W x 4.34″ H
Case:19.69″ L x 10.63″ W x 13.81″ H
UPC Codes
Unit UPC:6-32365-62744-0
Display UPC:6-32365-62743-3
Case UPC:1-06-32365-62744-7

Nutrition Sheet – 62744 (PDF)